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How to type with FlickKey - Basics

  • Press anywhere on the large keys
  • Flick in the direction of the character you want
  • Press the “123” to switch to the number pad
  • Press “ABC” to get back to letters
  • Backspace: flick left on the bottom center key
  • Space: Press the bottom center key without flicking
  • Period +: flick right on the bottom center key to enter a period followed by a space and shift
  • Return/Search/Go: flick down the bottom center key
  • For Shift, flick down on the lower left key
  • For Cap's, flick down on the lower left key

Using Accented Latin Characters

For the Android version of FlickKey there are two ways to enter accented latin characters. The method that works best on all screens is to enter the root character, then flick the bottom left key to the upper right, and bring up the popup flick-key for the "á" key. The popup key will contain a variety of accented characters for the root character you just typed. Choose one and it will replace the previously typed character.

Another method is to flick towards the "á" first. This works like turning on the Shift. Then the popup flick-keys will contain accented characters for the key you next choose.

(If your country code is set to a non-English language country, then the popup keys will contain the accented characters.)

Using the Popup Flick-Keys

FlickKey includes keys that popup to give you the choice of typing a whole word (or an accented Latin character, for the default International layout) with just a press and a swipe and a flick. (I will use the word “swipe” instead of “flick” here to indicate that you should leave your finger on the screen after you slide it across the screen.). To try this, press the left key and swipe to the left (remember, leave you finger on the screen), pause there and a secondary key will popup above the keyboard. The secondary key pops up above the keyboard so you can see it without your finger being in the way. (The popup key is not something to touch or flick towards, it just tells you which direction to flick or swipe.) You should see the word “and” on the right side of the popup key. To select it, flick back to the right. The word “and” will be entered, with a space included, after the word.

Please note that there are many characters loaded into the Popup Flick-keys. For many languages, the Popup Flick-keys contain accented characters, or other essential characters. For instance, the "¡" and "¿" are loaded into the popups for the “!” and “?” characters. The Popup Flick-keys may also contain common words, questions, exclamations, symbols, emoticons, math symbols, and much more.
If the language of your iOS Device is set to a country code that does not have its own keyboard layout, then the popup keys contain accented Latin characters. Popup Flick-keys that greatly expand what you can quickly enter. Look in the Popup flick-keys for accented characters, common words, common questions and exclamations, emoticons, symbols, and much more.
Please note that characters in the Popup Flick-keys may not be compatible with 7 bit messaging (like texting). Also, the emoticons are the new Unicode 6.0 emoticons. They will work with iOS 5+ or OSX 10.7+ recipients. If you are not sure, use the text based emoticons instead. ;-)