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FlickKey Keyboard for Android & iOS in the Press:

A New Third Party Keyboard App Called Flickkey Sets Sights On Android Wear Smartwatches

FlickKey keyboard targets round smartwatch screens

Cult of Mac - July 1, 2011: FlickKey Mini Shows How You Could Write




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FlickKey Keyboard for Android & iOS is a new method for typing. This new type of keyboard is the work of a mechanical engineer who wanted to end the frustration of typing on small keyboards by providing a superior product. Once you get over the initial hurdle of retraining your brain to flick instead of pressing, FlickKey will speed up your typing and will reduce the time you spend correcting mistakes. Enjoy!

FlickKey does NOT ADVERTISE to you! FlickKey does not gather information about you, or target you in any way! FlickKey is not trying to build a user base with a free version, only to advertise to you later! FlickKey does not use location services. FlickKey respects your privacy.