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Q: Why is flickkey a better keyboard?

A: The answer lies in the size and small number of keys. FlickKey keys are approximately nine times larger than the keys on traditional portable keyboards. Unlike these small keyboards, the keys of FlickKey are so large that they are not hard to hit—they are hard to miss! And with just six keys on screen, you will learn to press them without even looking at them. FlickKey is touch type-able!

Q: Why can’t you just replace the standard ios keyboard with flickkey?

A:Apple does not allow 3rd party software developers to do this. Sorry, but the iOSkeyboard is limited to this notepad app for now.However, the FlickKey for Android is a full keyboard replacement.

Q: Why is the keyboard slightly different from a standard qwerty layout?

A: FlickKey has three pairs of keys swapped to put the most frequently typed characters in the center position for faster typing. The swapped pairs are: “e” and “s”, “t” and “g”, and “i” and “k”. All swapped pairs are adjacent to each other so you should find the key you are looking for quickly

Is there a learning curve?

A: Yes. Providing a better way to type is simply not possible without some learning curve. But you will progress quickly. The good news is that the key layout is substantially the standard QWERTY layout (see above) so you should know where the keys are. What takes a little time is training your brain to press and flick. However, the small learning curve yields a really large payoff in faster and more accurate typing. Just give it a try!

The popup keys require a bit more time to learn. But they are so efficient that they are really worth it! Just start by learning a few of the most common words, such as the word “and”. The most common 100 words are typed approximately 30% of the time. Learn them and you will really be typing fast.

Can i use accented latin characters?

A: Yes, if your country code is set to a non-English language country, then the popup keys will contain the accented characters.Also, in the Android app you can type a character, then flick to theAccented Shift key "á" and bring up the popup flick-key to choose an accented version of that character. Or you can turn on the the Accented Shift and then the popup flick-keys for the next letter you choose will contain accented characters

Using SMS, EMAIL, WEB from FlickKey Note app for iOS

From the notepad screen, press the action icon. This icon is the second icon from the left at the bottom of the screen. (If the keyboard is onscreen, first press the “Done” button in the top right.) Pressing the action icon will bring up a menu of choices. From the menu, you can call up an app and the contents of your note will be pasted into it.

The Email and SMS menu items will take you to the system email and SMS (text message) programs respectively. You will be returned to FlickKey when done.

The Search Web menu item will paste the contents of your FlickKey note into your device’s default search engine and bring up the system web browser. When done, you will not return directly to FlickKey. Note: Placing the FlickKey icon near your favorite apps will make it easy to “bounce” between FlickKey and your apps. Or place FlickKey in the same position as a favorite app, but one screen away.

Smartwatch Support

No current support for:

Sony Smartwatch, Samsung Gear 2 (& Gear's that have been upgraded to Tizen), Qualcomm Toq, and Android Wear smartwatches. These smartwatches do not run standard Android apps and/or do not support third party keyboards.

Pebble: Does not have a touch screen.


Omate: Needs a special version. Omate has not responded to requests to place FlickKey on their store, so contact support email for a version that works.

Burg: Should work, but not yet tested.

Any smartwatch that enables Android 4.0+ IME's

Language Support

FlickKeyfor iOS has the following keyboard layouts:

(FlickKey Keyboard (Beta) for Android currently supports only ENGLISH!)
DE (German): QWERTZ
EN(English): QWERTY, common words in popups.
FR (French/Belgian: AZERTY, some basic characters are in the popups.
RU (Russian): Basic layout, some basic characters are in the popups.
UK (Ukrainian):Basic layout, some basic characters are in the popups.
Default Layout is Qwerty with accented characters in the popups. This works with most Western (Latin based) languages.

NOTE: Please email support if you would like to contribute a keyboard layout. FlickKey can email you a plist file (XML like tagged text data file) for you to edit. The data can be edited with a text editor (although, it is safer to use “Property List Editor).