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FlickCalc Calculator

Available for Android

FlickCalc Calculator for Android is a scientific calculator app that uses the same unique input method as used in the FlickKey keyboard. The calc keypad uses just six keys. To enter numbers or commands, just "flick" (press and slide) in the direction of the number or command you desire. For the center command, just tap the key.

Once you become accustomed to the flick-key input method, the method is both quicker and more accurate than pressing on of a large matrix of buttons. FlickCalc is amazing on small devices.




FlickCalc works great on really small screens!
The scalable form factor of FlickCalc allows it to fit on really small devices, like smart-watches, with complete usability!


FlickCalc running on a smartwatch


  • 6 keys performing over 50 functions
  • Flick anywhere and in any direction on each key
  • Lots of scientific functions
  • Common conversions too
  • Use same calculator on your phone and watch
  • Standard Android calculator app
  • Or Android Wear calculator app
  • Free calculator app available too!
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