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Q:What's cool about FlickCalc?

A: The small number of keys of the unique "flick-key" input method. The flcik-keys keys are approximately nine times larger than the keys on traditional portable keypad. Unlike these small keypads, the flick- keys of FlickCalc are so large that they are not hard to hit—they are hard to miss! And with just six keys on screen, you can learn to touch-type with them. It takes some practice, but once the input method sinks into your brain, you will find it very quick and accurate.

Q: What devices does FlickCalc work on?

A: FlickCalc works on phones and smartwatches. FlickCalc was primarily designed for the coming generation of true smartwatches. FlickCalc should run on any smartwatches that run standard Android apps. Unfortunately, at this time there are rare few. See the compatibility section.

Q: Is there a learning curve?

A: Yes. Providing a better input method is simply not possible without some learning curve. What takes a little time is training your brain to"flick" at the keys, instead of pressing, like you are used to. However, the small learning curve yields a really large payoff in faster and more accurate input over time.

On the really small screens of smartwatches, FlickCalc provide quick and accurate access to over 50 numbers and commands from its six keys. There is no way to put 50 buttons on a small screen, and to be able to accurately choose one. The other alternative is to provide multiple screens that a user can swipe between. This method is much slower.



Supported Smartwatches:

Any smartwatch that runs Android 2.3+ and is compatible with standard Android apps.

Burg: Untested, but should run.

Omate: Tested and works.

Samsung Gear (Not Gear 2): Tested and works. Contact support to find out how to sideload. However, Samsung is reported to switch the Gear to the Tizen OS soon. FlickCalc is currently not a Tizen app.

Un-Supported Smartwatches:

Sony Smartwatch & Smartwatch2; Qualcomm Toq; Samsung Gear 2;

All these smartwatches either run custom versions of Android, which don't run standard Android apps, or run other OS's.


NOTE: Please email support if you would have any questions.