FlickKey Keyboard for Wear 2.0


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FlickKey Mini
Why FlickKey

FlickKey is the only keyboard to offer superior typing on all mobile devices - from phones and tablets to smartwatches and wristphones. The secret to FlickKey lies in the size and small number of keys. FlickKey keys are approximately nine times larger than the keys on traditional portable keyboards. Unlike small keys, the keys of FlickKey are so large that they are not hard to hit, they are actually hard to miss! Keep your eys on your text with true touch-typing!

FlickKey Keyboard for Wear works great on really small screens!
The scalable form factor of FlickKey allows it to fit on really small devices, like smart-watches, with complete usability!




The only “twin” keyboard for tablets. TrueTouch-typing with one thumb, or two

  • 6 keys performing 54 functions
  • Flick anywhere and in any direction on each key
  • Pop-up flick-keys type common words fast
  • 2 keyboard screens cover all keys & functionality
  • Auto-correct & auto-complete
  • International keyboard layouts supported
  • Fast one handed, or two handed touch typing
  • Keyboard for Android & iOS
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