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Version 1.0
iPhone OS 4.0 or later
Languages: English

FlickKey-Mini is really small demo version of the FlickKey Notes app that is currently available in the iTunes App Store. FlickKey keyboard in this version has been miniaturized to fit on really small devices, like watches, with complete usability. For Perspective, this nano-sized version has been overlaid on a graphic of a watch, just to show how FlickKey could operates on a similar smart watch.

If you are new to FlickKey, please read the included notes and watch the above video. You may not 'get' FlickKey right off, as FlickKey uses a new concept of flickable keys. I recommend trying the regular version of FlickKey first, available in the iTunes App Store.

If you enjoy FlickKey, then give this small version a try. It is quite astonishing to see just how well you can type with such a small keyboard!

Have fun and keep flicking!